Monday, August 27, 2007

Argyle sock and luscious yarn review

Hey everyone! I'm back here at school and so much has been going on! I'll be trying my darndest to be a good little blogger and post updates of the utmost important to our knitting and musical lives, but no promises for updates every few days. The updates I do have will be real gems, though, so you've got that to look foward to :D hehe

Today I've got my promised review of the yarn from my Minnesota ankle socks. Because honestly, can life get much better? *sigh* But before that, my very first argyle sock!

Mountain Colors Bearfoot: I didn't think that knitting socks could get any more glorious, but this yarn really did make it even better! While quite pricey ($21/350g skein at my LYS), a 25% off sale prompted me to splurge and buy this top-shelf (both literally and figuratively) yarn. And it must be said that I was not disappointed! The first thing you'll notice about this amazing yarn are the colors: all Mountain Colors yarns feature incredibly rich, bold dyes that are hand-painted on. The variegated colors are perfectly chosen with just the right amount of each color, while the more solid looking colors still have enough variation to keep them visually interesting. Made of 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair, and 15% nylon, it creates the perfect sock yarn: elastic enough to hold its shape, soft and luscious to make it a pleasure to wear (not to mention to knit with!), amazingly warm, and washable! The mohair creates this gorgeous fuzzy halo that makes it perfect for special occasion socks as well as everday wear ones. And it's the perfect yarn to use with a simple, basic sock pattern that really allows the yarn to be the star! This yarn is so amazing, I have to admit that I'll be willing to buy it even when it's not on sale. If you're looking for super-soft, really beautiful, extremely warm socks in unbelievable colors, look no further than Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn :)

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susanc said...

The sock looks fantastic! Wow - I am so impressed. I'm a newbie at making socks and I aspire to be as good at it as you are!