Friday, July 17, 2009

FO and Pattern: Simple Seamless Satchel

If you've been told to always avoid alliteration, this may not be the pattern for you - while my simple seamless satchel may be neither spectacular nor groundbreaking it is simple, seamless, and a fun, relatively quick, extremely inexpensive knit for summer. It's such an easy pattern to memorize, you should have no problem whipping up a bunch in a plethora of colors as gifts for your eco-friendly pals or for your own trips to the super market. Enjoy!

Simple Seamless Satchel

by Rachel McKinney

This bag was created in a quest to make, in my opinion, a simple yet ideal market bag – one that utilized an incredibly easily-memorized lace pattern and unique construction to make it entirely seamless.


Peaches ‘n Creme worsted weight cotton
Small amount of waste yarn
Size 8 US circular needles
Size 15 US circular needles
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle


Come on, it’s a market bag. If you really feel the need to do a swatch, just make sure the lace pattern is as open as you want and the garter stitch is as tight as you want ;)

Lace repeat:
(YO, k2tog) around.
K around.


Using smaller needle, CO 6 sts using provisional CO and waste yarn.
Working back and forth,
Continue in garter stitch (knit one row, purl one row) for 25”, or until desired length is reached, ending with P6.

Now you are going to get ready to begin working in the round.
CO 34 sts.
Take out provisional CO and, being careful not to twist strap, K6 original sts.
CO 34 sts.

Place marker and being careful not to twist, join to begin working in the round.
K around (80 sts).
P around.
Work in garter stitch for two more rounds.

Switch to larger needles.

K around.

Work the lace repeat 20 times, or until desired length is reached.

Turn bag inside out.

Bind-off using a three-needle bind-off.

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AnneH said...

I love the idea of your bag and I am planning on making one for my exchange student's mom.

I would like to suggest using a seed/moss stitch for the handle because it stretches less than garter stitch.

Also, you definitely want to reinforce the 3-needle bind-off with some seam tape if you put heavy things in the bag.