Monday, July 16, 2007

Cardigan WIP

Hey everyone! I've begun working on my very first sweater: a cardigan in Cascade Pastaza. This was my first time trying to make sure my gauge was really accurate, which caused way more stress than necessary on a given afternoon. Let's just say it involved a marathon e-mail session with a staff member from my amazing local yarn shop, many tears, several threats to never knit anything besides socks ever again, and two needle sizes larger than expected... lol :D
My family and I are going on a trip to Cincinnati for the next few days, so I expect to have a lot of time to see just how much of this sweater I can get done. When I get back, I should have lots of progress on the cardi as well as an interesting update of Liszt and Medtner practice session. Until then, here's my first official cardigan Work-in-Progress photo! Have a good day!

It's only ten inches of the back of a sweater, but it looks much more substantial if you click to enlarge :)


MR said...

Good luck! I'm still too scared to start a sweater.

Samantha said...

You're soooo right! When I enlarge the picture, it looks like you've made 8x as much progress!